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Ibiza Transition Island: Our Objective

We would like to see Ibiza to become a shining example of environmental awareness - a real transition island. We would like to promote a tourist destination where the population and visitors are working in harmony with local authorities, sharing a joint responsibility to create a sustainable future. We'd like to unite people with their planet in the challenge of life, respecting our earthly limits and conserving our natural heritage from irreparable destruction.

Project Background

Following the initiative of the Transition Town Movement which started some years ago in the UK, and which is becoming ever more popular, we believe that the island of Ibiza, with its multinational population (around 100 resident nationalities, plus more than 2 million tourist visitors each year), is an ideal location to make a showcase of sustainable practices which can also be seen by virtually everyone in the world.

To sum up the challenges we face
there are two main issues:
the scarcity of fossil fuel and
the threat of climate change.


So far, the world famous reputation of Ibiza has been expressed through its popular music and fashion, but most of all through its excess of night life activities which includes being home to the biggest discotheque in the world. However, more recently, many of the islanders and an increasing number of local politicians are waking up to the idea of a new possibility focused on the alternative tourism offer from this little Mediterranean paradise.

During the summer months of 2010, our intention is to join all interested residents & visitors, in the creation of a collective vision, or transition movement which benefits us all. By inviting as many local neighbourhood associations, ecological groups, business groups and private individuals to participate, we have the idea to create a new concept in resource management, finding a balance between what needs to be done internationally and what can be done locally. We wish to inspire the whole population, including the local administration, working in harmony on our collective "Transmision Mission", to build an environmentally regenerative and sustainable future for the island of IBIZA.

Vision with action can change the world!

Given the likely disruptions ahead resulting from Peak Oil and Climate Change, a resilient community - a community that is self-reliant for the greatest possible number of its needs - will be infinitely better prepared than existing communities with their total dependence on heavily globalised systems for food, energy, transportation, health and housing.
If we plan and act early enough, and use our creativity and cooperation within our local communities, then we can build a future that could be far more fulfilling and enriching, more connected and more gentle on the Earth than the lifestyles we have today.

We collectively demonstrated huge levels of ingenuity and spirit as we climbed up the energy curve. There's no reason that we can't use those same qualities to design our way down the other side. And in fact, if we start early and work with sufficient creativity and inclusivity, we may find that a lower energy life is a qualitative improvement over the current disconnected existence that many of us lead.


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We openly invite feedback and further suggestions in our discussion forums.
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The three levels of action – global, national and local – hold much promise to see humankind through the great energy transition of the 21st century. With cooperation, coordination and a following wind, we have the potential to create a more fulfilling, more equitable and more sustainable world.

The challenge is to find a way to proactively navigate the down-slope of Peak Oil while taking actions to address Climate Change. As a species, we’ll be transitioning to a lower energy future whether we want to or not. Far better to ride that wave rather than getting engulfed by it!

Energy descent action plan

Part of the process of developing an Energy Descent Action Plan is tapping into the collective genius of the community. Crucial for this is to set up a number of smaller groups to focus on specific aspects of the process.
Each of these groups will develop their own ways of working and their own activities, but will all fall under the umbrella of the project as a whole. Ideally, working groups are needed for all aspects of life that are required by your community to sustain itself and thrive. Examples of these are: food, waste, energy, education, youth, economics, transport, water, local government. Each of these working groups is looking at their area and trying to determine the best ways of building community resilience and reducing the carbon footprint. Their solutions will form the backbone of the Energy Descent Action Plan.

While it is critical that Transition Initiatives remain non-political, and do not become Council-led, they need to be Council-supported and Council-informed. It is important to remember that Local Governance is there to support the community, and furthermore, it consists of people who live and work in our communities.
It's time we moved beyond the boundaries of 'them and us' and realised that we all need to work together if we are going to effectively address the challenges ahead of us. Let the ideas arise from the community and remain under community control. The job of the council is to facilitate, to listen, possibly to provide advice, contacts or funds and, most important, to ensure that bureaucracy does not get in the way of grassroots initiatives.

Businesses that have a long term perspective and are aware of the constraints fossil fuel depletion will have on the globalised economy need to be looking in general at oil dependency throughout their organisation and at four specific areas: supply chain, waste, energy usage and markets.

Being an international population with a global influence, we should ask ourselves how we can prepare together for a sustainable future and truly make a difference. This involves working with all sectors of our community in transition and involve them in the feat of discovering how to live in harmony with our planet.

Contact us: mail@ibiza-transition-island.com


Ibiza Transition Island

Ibiza Transition Island

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